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Tue, 11 Aug 2015

Ride starting Sun Aug 9 17:21:12 2015

8.74 km 28672.38 feet 5.43 mi 3073.00 seconds 51.22 minutes 0.85 hours 6.36 mi/hr

The Genesee Valley Conservancy owns a trail south of Avon. They advertise it as an equestrian, hiking, and skiing trail. They don't prohibit bicycling, but neither do they encourage it. This trail sees a lot more horse activity than I've seen anywhere else. Mostly any bit of soil that used to be wet and is now dry has horse hoofprints in it. Almost, but not quite worse than bicycling a rail-trail that still has ties.

I don't encourage you to try to bicycle this trail. Between the horse prints and the thistles, it's not a great bicycling trail.

I wasn't able to ride the entire trail because of a washout close to the south end. It looks like a culvert fell in on itself, and the entire trail got washed away by the water. The more of the railbed that fell in, the more got washed away. You can see the pile of rocks that used to be a culvert. I saw three large plastic drain pipes and construction equipment. Probably going to throw them into the gap and reconstruct the railbed.

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