Fri, 14 Nov 2008

Ride starting Fri Nov 14 13:41:30 2008

36.96 km 121250.99 feet 22.96 mi 10111.00 seconds 168.52 minutes 2.81 hours 8.18 mi/hr

Went for a mid-afternoon ride on the Rutland Trail. This time of year I usually avoid it because of the potential for hunters shooting me. I did see a hunter, standing very quietly and still next to his ATV, so I just nodded and rode past.

The foot of heavy early snow we got late in October did some nasty damage to the trail. Lots and lots of trees downed across the trail. Somebody went through and cut them all. It must have been a lot of work, because some of those trees were a foot in diameter. Thank you, whoever you are!

The beaver who's been busy (as, well, a beaver) at the big wetland has raised the level of his dam to the point where the water is no longer going over his dam, but is instead going over the embankment. It's going to do a lot of damage unless it's stopped. Easiest way to do that is to dump a big pile of dirt there to raise the level so the water goes over the dam again. I don't have the equipment to accomplish that, so I hope that somebody else will.

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