Mon, 07 Jul 2008

Ride starting Tue Jul 1 14:05:21 2008

42.60 km 139765.77 feet 26.47 mi 13227.00 seconds 220.45 minutes 3.67 hours 7.20 mi/hr

Tuesday afternoon, Beth Burbank and I rode on the Ghost Town Trail, from Ebensburg west to Vintondale and Emily Furnace. It was 13.2 miles downhill, followed by 13.2 miles uphill. Funny, we hadn't noticed the grade of the hill as we were riding down it. At Ebensburg, the elevation is 2020 feet, and in Vintondale, it's 1400 feet. Noticed a few abandoned sidings on the way, and with more time I would have liked to examine them.

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