Mon, 07 Jul 2008

Ride starting Sat Jun 28 14:32:55 2008

28.03 km 91964.79 feet 17.42 mi 7641.00 seconds 127.35 minutes 2.12 hours 8.21 mi/hr

Today is the Saturday before the Quaker Gathering. Since I'm leading the bicycling workshop, I want to ride one of the worst possible rides, to see how bad it is. This one has a wicked downhill, followed by another wicked downhill, followed by a town ride through Windber and then a long slog uphill.

I did it, no problem, so my workshop attendees (at least the long ride) can do it, too. My only concern is the Advanced Cutting Systems plant on that road. It's still being built, and it's right next to the road, so I fear that there will be more traffic during the week.

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