Thu, 29 May 2008


Ride starting Thu May 29 16:44:32 2008
13.15 km 43136.11 feet 8.17 mi 2219.00 seconds 36.98 minutes 0.62 hours 13.25 mi/hr

Massively windy spring day. Not a cloud in the sky, although it promises to rain in a day or two. Dead-headed the last of the daffodils. We have many many "normal" daffodils, and two mutant daffodils. One of them has two or sometimes three flowers per stem. The other has a rose-like flower. There is no center cylinder like most daffodils have. Instead, you have what I call a "shattered" daffodil, where the petals spring out wildly from a central core. And I noticed that they don't form a seed head. No need to dead-head them since there's no seeds growing. Weird!

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