Mon, 12 May 2008

Ride starting Mon May 12 17:20:30 2008

55.78 km 183015.11 feet 34.66 mi 12577.00 seconds 209.62 minutes 3.49 hours 9.92 mi/hr

Wow, what a great ride. Of course, I got back in at 8:50PM ... perhaps a little late given that I'd lost most of the light at 8:35. But I was on back roads at that point and nobody overtook me (I would have gotten off on the shoulder if they had).

Rode from Knapps Station to North Lawrence on the Rutland Trail. I wanted to see the nice new bridges that "they" had put in. Here's one of them:

I had heard that Harry Dow (et al) had purchased a section of the trail, but I didn't realize that it was the closed section. This is great stuff!

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