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Wed, 12 Sep 2007

Ride starting Wed Sep 12 15:05:55 2007

17.79 km 58367.20 feet 11.05 mi 10040.00 seconds 167.33 minutes 2.79 hours 3.96 mi/hr

This ride is split into several sections. I wanted to ride as much of the DeKalb Branch of the NYC as was still ridable. The rails were removed about twenty-five years ago. Unfortunately, they also sold off the railbed into individual parcels. Nobody, even in 1982, was thinking "linear park". Fortunately, they left the steel bridges in place. Unfortunately, some of the people who now own the railbed have opinions about how it should be used.

The biggest problems, as I see them, are (from north to south):

I found a 1918 80lb rail used as part of a barrier on the trail.
80LB 12 1918 (Thumbnail) O.H.Lackawanna (Thumbnail)

I found mile marker 19 earlier on the paved Maple City Trail portion. Mile marker 18 has been moved to somebody's front yard on McIntyre Rd. Here are Mile markers 13 and 10:
mm13 (Thumbnail) mm10 (Thumbnail) Whistle Post (Thumbnail)

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