Thu, 26 Oct 2006

Ride starting Sun Oct 22 11:05:31 2006

19.65 km 64476.42 feet 12.21 mi 9269.00 seconds 154.48 minutes 2.57 hours 4.74 mi/hr

Rode with five others on an ADK ride on the Rutland Trail. Rain was predicted and we weren't disappointed. Started to rain just as soon as we left the Norwood Post Office (the marshalling point). At first it wasn't bad since it was a light rain and below freezing so it just bounced off. It had rained all week prior to the trip, so the trail was nice and wet; about as wet as springtime. Plus some beavers had cut down trees just about where the X is drawn on the track, so we had to skirt them. Hopefully the ATVers will cut them before they get frozen down to the ground; otherwise the snowmobilers will have a disappointing season. By the time we got to Blind Crossing Road, it was raining pretty steadily and the consensus was to head back. Could have gone on the road, but we stuck to the trail (except for the muddy mile). Decided to go on the road rather than have to climb around trees again. Got thoroughly soaked and frozen. Hopped in the tub after I got home, and it took about an hour for my skin to lose its raw red appearance.

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