Sun, 06 Aug 2006

Ride starting Sat Aug 5 17:38:30 2006

36.63 km 120186.69 feet 22.76 mi 9362.00 seconds 156.03 minutes 2.60 hours 8.75 mi/hr

Rode the Rutland Trail again today, to see how the trail is faring. We've had a fair bit of rain this week, so the trail is quite muddy in spots. Not in the spots I dried out this spring, but that was at least ten hours of work to dry out about 500' of trail. Only another 2000' (of muddy sections over the length of the trail) to go. If I could borrow a mini-backhoe for a weekend, I could clear up all the muddy spots. At least .... they wouldn't have inches of standing water.

Anyway, besides the muddy spots, there was a tree down in the trail, which somebody took care of with a chainsaw. Nobody has made any trail improvements this year, besides mine.

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