Sat, 15 Jul 2006

Ride starting Sat Jul 15 18:54:54 2006

21.51 km 70581.43 feet 13.37 mi 4263.00 seconds 71.05 minutes 1.18 hours 11.29 mi/hr

I got a call from Christopher Muka while I was on vacation. He owns the portion of the railbed from the edge of Norwood to the next road east. As I expected, he is aware that people are using the railbed as a trail, and he's fine with that. He even gave me permission to dry up the wet areas in the cuts.

The areas that I had worked on earlier this summer have now (mostly) dried up. Because they're not wet, it's hard to see if they're draining, so I think I'm going to tell the YCC not to bother digging out the drainage ditches. They can better spend their time digging out nasty rocks and cutting brush.

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