Sun, 25 Jun 2006

Ride starting Sat Jun 24 19:10:08 2006

27.38 km 89814.58 feet 17.01 mi 5273.00 seconds 87.88 minutes 1.46 hours 11.61 mi/hr

I thought to head up to Parishville today, but thought better because of the waning daylight. Did a little bit of exploring down Curtis Rd, south of Rt. 11B. Curtis Rd. is interesting because according to the 1900's topo map, it used to go through. But given that the people at the end of the road probably feel somewhat proprietary about it, I don't think they'd be too happy to have me try to ride down it. On the historic map, you can see another road to the west off Curtis Rd., which used to go farther than the current topo map indicates. On the aerial photo, you can see that the road still goes where the old map says it went.

On the way back, I continued west along the old route of US Route 11, later renumbered 11B and relocated slightly to the north to eliminate River Hill. It was a steep hill down to the river and back up again. I had spoken to the fellow who owned the house at the bottom of the hill, and he says that they used to offer an impromptu towing service in slippery weather. People would come down the hill, and not be able to make it back up on the other side. Good reason to build a bridge on the level of the highway rather than the river.

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