Sun, 28 May 2006

Ride starting Sat May 27 19:36:05 2006

17.64 km 57865.11 feet 10.96 mi 3428.00 seconds 57.13 minutes 0.95 hours 11.51 mi/hr

Stacked wood to be productive; then went for a bike ride to have fun. I checked out the results of my hard work on the Rutland Trail. Two puddles are completely dry. Another one had its drain plug up with silt, and the ditch needs more clearing. Keeps getting plugged with sticks and leaves.

Stupid forest tent caterpillars are everywhere. If you're not running into them as they dangle from the tree, you're running over them on the road. Usually it's no problem, but sometimes a big one will make a big juicy pop and spatter your leg with bug bits. Yuck.

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