Sun, 07 May 2006

Ride starting Fri May 5 16:16:06 2006

27.08 km 88847.83 feet 16.83 mi 6825.00 seconds 113.75 minutes 1.90 hours 8.88 mi/hr

Went out surveying signs on the Rutland. Somebody put up directional signs on the trail a few years ago. Only some of those signs remain, and I took pictures of where the missing ones should be. They're all georeferenced, and I'll be making a list and checking it twice. Also took photos of some of the places that need the most work. For example, the trail junction just north of "North Stockholm" (which the rest of us call Knapps Station) (even though the station isn't there anymore) (and even though it truly is the North part of Stockholm) (what was I talking about??) (Oh, right, the trail junction) has destroyed the drainage ditches on both sides. The south side looks to have been destroyed by somebody dumping a pile of dirt to close off the old road to the south. The north side probably got destroyed by somebody trying to create a junction without a culvert. So .... the uphill now drains downhill by running through the middle of the trail, which has created a HUGE mudpit. The only way to fix it is to re-create the ditches from scratch.

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