Wed, 05 Oct 2005

Ride starting Wed Oct 5 16:28:26 2005

41.06 km 134711.51 feet 25.51 mi 8564.00 seconds 142.73 minutes 2.38 hours 10.72 mi/hr

This was an out-and-back ride. There's a couple of abandoned roads I wanted to explore in the Lost Nation State Forest. Both of them end up foundering in wetlands. It looks like the fill that formed the roadbed still extends across the wetland. Since it's gotten eroded to the point where you can't drive across it, it's completely grown over with impenetrable brush. I mean, I could push my way across it with my bike, but I wouldn't want to get across and find out that I had to come back because the other end of the road was posted or even more impassable. Had to go for a ride today because tomorrow is supposed to have a low in the 30's and high in the 50's. Can't pass up a sunny day in October in the North Country.

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