Wed, 17 Aug 2005

Ride starting Wed Aug 17 15:13:21 2005

First portion: 49.28 km 161684.31 feet 30.62 mi 10454.00 seconds 174.23 minutes 2.90 hours 10.55 mi/hr

Second portion: 9.21 km 30218.65 feet 5.72 mi 1837.00 seconds 30.62 minutes 0.51 hours 11.22 mi/hr

Rode over to Canton today to pick up vitamins and the new glasses. I had multiple female friends tell me that my glasses look dorky. Worse, they both said "dorky". They weren't just dorky, they were doubly dorky. See my home page for the old glasses. Don't have a picture of the new glasses yet.

Stopped by some Friends (Brent and Rebecca) to see how they were doing. Brent has gone over to the grey side of the force and purchased an Apple laptop. Many open source folks have done the same thing. After all .... it's running Unix, right? Stayed long enough that my GPS software decided I'd started another trip, so the times and distances got split into two trips.

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