Sun, 19 Jun 2005

Ride starting Sun Jun 19 15:55:26 2005

32.97 km 108169.91 feet 20.49 mi 8097.00 seconds 134.95 minutes 2.25 hours 9.11 mi/hr

This ride begs some explanation. First, I left home. If you've been following my rides, then you know very well where my home is. Then I rode through West Stockholm and visited my geocache in the Southville State Forest. Spent some time wandering around because the trees have grown substantially since the last time I visited it.

Then I rode towards Potsdam with the idea of visiting another geocache. Took a side trip on Perrin Road just to avoid the monotony of riding on 11B. Rode through Potsdam and out on the River Rd., heading for the geocache. I couldn't find it, and in the meantime, the family was getting hungry. They called, and I rode back into town to meet them for a Father's Day dinner at the Cactus Grill. I turned the GPS off at that point, but given the two hunts for geocaches, my average speed was already screwed. It also explains why my GPS track disappears.

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