Sat, 28 May 2005

Ride starting Sat May 28 13:25:55 2005

33.17 km 108820.22 feet 20.61 mi 10308.00 seconds 171.80 minutes 2.86 hours 7.20 mi/hr

Today was supposed to be clear in the morning, with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. I overheard a woman say "If this is rain, I want more of it." It's been broken clouds all afternoon. Decided to go for a relatively short ride across the Racquette River, down Pig Street Rd. (sic), back into town and then home again. Only got dripped on once or twice. Stopped by St. Lawrence Nurseries to visit with Bill MacKentley, the owner. He's got a nifty wireless Internet setup. Roadrunner into his house to Linksys #1, WDS up his windmill tower to Linksys #2, WDS up the hill to a 24dBi dish connected to Linksys #3 in his equipment shed where his summer bedroom is, and thence down to a laptop with a wlan card. Amazingly, it all works.

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