Fri, 20 May 2005

Ride starting Fri May 20 16:30:44 2005

42.71 km 140119.99 feet 26.54 mi 10478.00 seconds 174.63 minutes 2.91 hours 9.12 mi/hr

Longest ride of the season. Drove to Winthrop and parked in the town office parking lot. Crossed the rivers, and hopped on the Rutland Trail. Unfortunately, the bridge is out, so you have to cross on the highway bridge, and the fellow who owns the next section has it posted with a grumpy "Police Take Notice! Property is being trespassed upon!" and a posted notice below it. Not a real big deal, since you can go no more than 1/2 mile down the road to the next intersection.

Since I last rode this way, the Kraft Foods (now CoolBrands) cheese plant has both ends of their section of the trail gated and posted. A mile or so detour to the next road gets you back on the trail, however. Other than those two closures, the trail is open and ridable all the way to Moira. There are a few puddles that I portaged around rather than get my shoes wet, but only a few.

Saw a dead snapping turtle, and a dead snake. I know that some ATV riders really are environmentalists, but clearly some are not. Then again, I stepped on a snake while hiking down Azure, and I nearly hit two snapping turtles today; one on the Rutland and one on the road.

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