Sat, 09 Apr 2005

Ride starting Sat Apr 9 15:10:37 2005

35.02 km 114880.22 feet 21.76 mi 7278.00 seconds 121.30 minutes 2.02 hours 10.76 mi/hr

Not a cloud in the sky. Temperature in Massena given as 55, but the local thermometer (in the sun) says that it's 70. The temperature is actually somewhere between the two. Am having a bit of trouble with my left ankle. Might be that I'm holding my leg incorrectly as I pedal, or it might be that the new bicycle's cleats are mis-adjusted. I'll need more experience to tell for sure. One problem I have definitely corrected is my knee soreness. I used to get sore knees after about thirty miles of riding. Then Leslie corrected my posture, saying that I should keep my knees over my toes. I noticed that I pedalled with knock knees (pointing in). Since she told me that back in October, I've pedalled with knees aligned with toes and had no problems.

Longest ride of the season. Peepers are out. No buds on the trees yet. Daffodils are up, but no blossoms yet.

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