Thu, 18 Mar 2010

Ride starting Thu Mar 18 16:41:27 2010

19.44 km 63774.95 feet 12.08 mi 3123.00 seconds 52.05 minutes 0.87 hours 13.92 mi/hr

Got caught up and passed by Stephanie Farrington O'Brien (who routinely wins the local duathalons). She was kind and let me ride with her, but I could tell that I was holding her back with my mountan bike. Ended up averaging 14.35mph moving.

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QR permalinks

I'm using QR code permalinks now. If you're looking at one of my blog entries, and you want to load it onto your smartphone, just read the QR code and follow the link and you'll have the story on your cellphone.

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Economic Creationism

Free markets are the most efficient solutions for all problems in the future. The trouble is that people are looking at the past and can easily see where free markets evolved into failure, and can easily see where political solutions created success. Thus, otherwise intelligent designing people want to give up on freedom and start telling others what to do, usually with a gun.

I don't believe in economic creationism.

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I've written about deflation twice before: Deflation and Deflation 2. Third time's the charm?

The common wisdom is that deflation of the currency is bad. When money deflates, it becomes more valuable, even when you do nothing. So the theory is that people won't spend their money, because it will become ever-more valuable.

That theory cannot be true.

Look at the PC market over the last 30 years. In each one of those years, the PC became more reliable, faster, came with more memory and storage. The original MDA display was one color and text only. The CGA had 16 colors and 640x200 bits. The price -- of the computer you really want to have -- has stayed constant, at about $5000.

If the story told about deflation was true, then you would always be better off delaying your purchase of a PC by 6 months. You could be confident that the PC you would buy would be a more valuable PC.

Except ... that people did that very rarely, if ever. The standard advice was always "don't wait to buy a computer, because there will always be a better computer on the horizon."

So, in a situation where people can predict a constant stream of increase in value, people STILL made the trade. Thus, I think it's safe to predict that in a similar situation, where people could predict a constant increase in the value of their money, they would spend their money as needed.

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Wed, 17 Mar 2010

Ride starting Wed Mar 17 16:15:01 2010

23.18 km 76063.81 feet 14.41 mi 6113.00 seconds 101.88 minutes 1.70 hours 8.48 mi/hr

Went into town and out to Bill MacKently's (St. Lawrence Nurseries) to tell him about Bannon Automotive, a battery electric car starting up in Syracuse. They're licensing a design from Reva Automotive in India, and buying parts from them (at least to start) so they can get into the market quickly.

One of these days I need to change the program that calculates the numbers above so it calculates a moving average speed. Right now it only calculates end - start time by distance. My moving average was 12.45mph.

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Tue, 16 Mar 2010

Ride starting Tue Mar 16 15:39:33 2010

16.18 km 53094.15 feet 10.06 mi 4310.00 seconds 71.83 minutes 1.20 hours 8.40 mi/hr

First tandem ride with Heather, post diabetes diagnosis. She went ten miles without seeming to get tired at all. This is good; very good!

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Fri, 12 Mar 2010

Ride starting Fri Mar 12 16:47:08 2010

26.46 km 86809.89 feet 16.44 mi 5573.00 seconds 92.88 minutes 1.55 hours 10.62 mi/hr

Went past Norwood, to cross the Racquette on the next bridge north. It's an old bowstring bridge, currently limited to 3 tons and 7 feet height.

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Sat, 06 Mar 2010

Ride starting Sat Mar 6 15:36:11 2010

22.30 km 73149.04 feet 13.85 mi 4446.00 seconds 74.10 minutes 1.24 hours 11.22 mi/hr

Just a little ride into town. Temperature got over 40 degrees, so in spite of the sand lining the shoulders of the road, and the snowbanks everywhere, I had to go for a ride.

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