Sat, 01 Mar 2008

Returning to the US

Returning to the US today. Had a great time at the IWTC. My talk went pretty well, I think, and so I was told. It's a new conference, so attendance was pretty sparse. My talk was fairly specialized, so unless the talk was specially featured, as it was in Croatia, it's going to be a small talk.

Met a great gang of people, including Sean O'Donnell, Clare Dillon, Ana Nelson (no relation), Martha Rotter, Barry Alistair, Joe, Michael Twomey, Anton Manning, Vickie, Jessie, and many people whose names I did not catch.

Had a chance to wander around Dublin before the conference started. Found the conference venue, a Maplin, a martial arts store that had tai-chi sword with a live blade, the spire, the Ha'Penny Bridge, the Millenium bridge, and Trinity College.

Did a LOT of drinking, at least a lot for me. Many a Guiness flowed past my lips. But I didn't over-do it, I think. At least I didn't feel any ill effects.

On the flight back. A detestable 757 with overhead video. Tons of stuck pixels on the LCD. No choice of movie to watch. The person next to me is sucking her thumb. Acceptable in a child. but really creepy in an adult.

I'm working on Gnash full time these days, so I was pimping Gnash at every opportunity. Talked to the Adobe guys about them being more helpful towards us, but of course got no committments. Stuff like that happens at the CTO level. I think I may just use my OSI cajones to wrangle a meeting with the Adobe CTO. What's the point of being on the OSI board if I can't change the world?

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