Sun, 12 Mar 2006

Unrelenting Evil

Right about now, I'm feeling like all Muslims are unrelentingly evil. I'm sure that's not true. I'm sure that some are merely stupid. But where is the condemnation in the Islamic world of this killing? If Muslims kill every westerner they can get their hands on, even those who are trying to help them, what hope can anyone have for them?

There is only one thing that comforts me right now: the thought of the surprised looks on their faces when they meet Allah. "But I thought we were doing your will!" "I wanted you to love your enemies, not kill them. How could you be so wrong?""

UPDATE: See Unrelenting Evil 2. Note: the Christian God is the Jewish Jehovah is the Islamic Allah. It is perfectly fair for me to claim that God will judge Muslims by Christian principles. Obviously if I thought that Islam got God's will more correct than Christians, I would be a Muslim.

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