Thu, 22 Sep 2005

Hijacking is so passe

Nobody will ever hijack an airplane again. The 9/11 hijackers ensured this by convincing EVERYONE EVERYWHERE that their life depends on mashing the hijackers into a pulp. 90 pound grannies will stab them with their knitting needles. Blind men will slash them with their canes. Children will bite their ankles. There will be so many people rending their flesh from their bones that most people won't have a chance to help.

The only current on-board threat to airplanes is explosives. Any effort to prevent hijacking is a Maginot line. Defenders of the concept of useless fortifications point out that the Maginot line succeeded. Defenders of real security point out that the enemy gets a vote, and he votes to attack you at your weakest point, not your strongest.

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