Sat, 16 Apr 2005

Saranac Lake

I took this photo while flying from Newark to Ottawa a week ago. I was just a little bit north of Lake Placid (the lake, not the town) when I took this picture, but at the height jets fly, you see a few miles off your flight path. I was looking almost exactly west to get this picture of Saranac Lake. In the forefront of the picture is McKenzie Pond. The cleared area to the left is the Olympic Village, where the athletes were housed during the 1980 Winter Olympics. Above that are various lakes. From left to right, you have Ossetah Lake, Kiwassa Lake, Lower Saranac Lake, and Colby Lake, all still iced over except for Ossetah Lake where it winds its way into the village. The village proper is directly above McKenzie Pond.

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