Sat, 28 May 2005

Qigong and Quakerism

Qigong is, literally translated from the Chinese, Qi-study, or Qi-practice. The Chinese suffix -gong is very similar to the Greek suffix -ology. Qi is, or at least seems to be, the practice of manipulating bio-electricity flows within the body. Quakerism is the religious practices of Quakers, or members of the Religious Society of Friends, or simply "Friends" for short. Quakerism is a mystical branch of Christianity.

My taiji (and thus qigong) teacher, Tom, related an incident at his school where the Qi level was so high that he "couldn't stop shaking". That struck me so strongly of the description of some Quaker meetings that I have to wonder if Quaker and Qigong practices weren't closer together hundreds of years ago. Why do you hear about "gathered meetings" so seldom anymore? Why don't Quakers quake?

No answers; just questions.

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