Mon, 25 Jun 2007

New product announcement: NFSper

[ I don't know why I posted this on October 14th 1990, when the product was really available on April 1st of that year. -russ ]


ESP Software
11 Grant St.
Potsdam, NY 13676

ESP Software would like to announce their newest product, NFSper. NFSper is a NFS server with an order of magnitude better performance than any existing NFS server. NFSper uses a proprietary technique to cache NFS requests on the client before they are transmitted to the server. Lab tests have shown that the NFS packet are available on the client an average of 100 microseconds before the client sends the request. Under test conditions, we have observed packets a full 250 uSec before the request transmission!

NFSper avoids paradoxical effects by caching the packet rather than actually upcalling it. If the request packet falls on the floor, or the client fails to carry out its intent to send the request, then the client will never request the packet from the cache. Of course, in the case of high network loads or indecisive software, NFSper will rapidly fill your cache, removing any performance advantage.

NFSper comes with programmers guidlines for stern, decisive coding. The sooner a decision is made to request a packet, the sooner NFSper can start sending the reply. We have found that most software makes this decision soon enough, but new software should of course take advantage of this new technology.

We are currently working on TelePathWay, "All the Network without all the wiring." TelePathWay does away with the need to run coax or twisted pair. TelePathWay plugs into the AUI port found on most Ethernet equipment. You must supply your own telepath. Deliveries are expected by 4Q91.

Direct all inquiries to:

Russell N. Nelson, President
ESP Software
11 Grant St.
Potsdam, NY 13696

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