Tue, 17 Oct 2006

Daddy is healing his cut

This sounds totally creepy: Imagine a mother, saying to her child "Come play with me, honey; Daddy is healing his cut."

You can't imagine anybody saying that, can you? That's because western medicine completely ignores the conscious mind. You can find hundreds of stories of doctors talking about the patient as if the patient wasn't there. And yet there is plenty of evidence that the conscious mind can very effectively participate in healing the body. Everybody knows of the placebo effect, I hope. That happens when a doctor (or some other medical authority) gives the patient an innocuous substance and explains the effect that the substance will have on the patient. For some described effects, to an extent, and for a time, the substance will actually have that effect.

There's also been a study which shows that painkillers reduce the healing rate. I speculate that an absence of pain stops the conscious mind from being reminded of the harm. Without the help from the conscious mind, the body has a harder time healing itself. Call it the reverse placebo effect if you want.

Thus, at some point, western medicine is going to "discover" that people can direct healing consciously. Dudes, let me tell you: I've already discovered it, but hey, if you want to take credit, by all means, feel free.

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