Tue, 18 Jul 2006

Qi is Electricity 2

News on the "Qi is Electricity" theory. First, it seems that a majority of the cells in the human body are bacterial cells, not human cells. Apparently it's been known for a long time that a majority of human fecal material is actually dead bacteria. I didn't know it, but LSNED. So, lots of bacteria in the human body.

More news: bacteria can be persuaded to produce wire-like appendages that conduct electricity. Even more interesting news:

Gorby's team coaxed Shewanella oneidensis -- another bacterium that dumps electrons onto metal -- into producing nanowires by growing it in vats that carefully control the amount of oxygen available.
Qigongers (which is a horrible bastardization of English and Chinese. Fortunately, I am neither English nor Chinese) well understand the need to regulate the breath.

All you need now is a way for the brain to control the gut to make conditions in the gut appropriate for one bacteria over the other.

Oh, and years of training.

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