Fri, 26 Dec 2008

Boonies of Boonville

I've been looking for unfinished railroads via map services again. I think I've found the tunnel that the Ogdensburg, Clayton & Rome built near Pixley Falls in the Boonville Gorge. I also have a candidate road for this "cut and abutment". Look on the Historic USGS maps. Look at the red circle, and the road just to the south of it. That road heads down the hill. Where it crosses the driver is approximately one and a half miles below upper Lansing Kill Falls, just as described. I'll have to look in person, but I'm reasonably confident that it's not the railroad.

Just to the left of the red circle is a large flat spot on the side of the hill. On the south end of the flat spot, next to the aforementioned road, is a house. I'd guess that somebody wanted a farm with a view. I can't see any ruins of a farm there, but you can look at the farm site for yourself and see if you can see it. Switch to Satellite for high-resolution photos.

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