Sat, 05 Apr 2014

On Tolerating Intolerance

Over on Twitter, @RussB (Russ Beattie) and @jzb ( Joe Brockmeier) are promoting the argument that you can tolerate everything but intolerance, and that is the only logical position to take.

No. That is baby thinking. Because intolerance is the combination of 1) disagreement and 2) action. Which part of intolerance is unacceptable? The disagreement part? Let us all hope that tolerant people tolerate disagreement, otherwise the word has no meaning. So is action unacceptable? "It's okay if you disagree with me, but as soon as you do anything about that disagreement, you are wrong and I am right and you must be stopped?"

Sorry, no, that is intolerance.

This is prompted, of course, by Brendan Eich's dismissal from Mozilla. I must of course (unless I want to be intolerated) note that I disagree with him, and that I support gay marriage. But I also support people's freedom to disagree with me and take action on that disagreement.

And (I think this is the crucial point) I support imperfect leaders. If you want to insist that every leader be perfect and without flaw, then you will have only liars and frauds as leaders, because nobody is perfect. I cannot see how having liars and frauds as leaders is a good thing.

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Mon, 04 Nov 2013

Ride starting Sun Nov 3 12:50:13 2013

23.19 km 76069.77 feet 14.41 mi 7033.00 seconds 117.22 minutes 1.95 hours 7.37 mi/hr

Rode a portion of the D&H Saranac Lake branch. Used to go from Plattsburgh to Saranac Lake. You know the long straight road that goes in front of the hospital in Saranac? That's the old railbed. And where it sharply curves to the left and goes up the hill? That's the old road. The railroad continued straight ahead on a cut through the hill.

It was below freezing. I had hoped that the sandy bits would be frozen, but being sand, they don't hold enough water to actually freeze into a solid surface. Fortunately, there wasn't as much sand as I feared.

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Sat, 26 Oct 2013

Ride starting Fri Sep 27 16:48:20 2013

18.54 km 60820.58 feet 11.52 mi 4982.00 seconds 83.03 minutes 1.38 hours 8.32 mi/hr

Bicycled the Walkill Valley Trail northern extension. They bought up the right-of-way, got permission for the parts they didn't own, and decked over the Rosendale Trestle, so now the Walkill Valley Trail extends from practically Kingston down to New Paltz and beyond. GPS track has horrible accuracy, probably due to lots of trees.

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Sat, 14 Sep 2013

Rail Trails #10

I have a goal of riding every named Rail-Trail in New York State. There are many more railbeds not used for trains anymore which are also ridable. They are usually unnamed, unsigned, and unpublished. I speculate that this is because the owner is either indifferent or away. I've ridden some of these but I'm more interested in getting the named trails ridden first. I'm uploading them to OpenStreetMap as I go.

Here are the trails I rode this summer: Stillwater Rail Trail on a chilly end-of-March day. The El Camino Rail Trail, the Heritage Park Rail Trail, the Lehigh Memory Trail, and the Pittsford Rail Trail as part of the Erie Canalwail Trail ride. I hit the Kennedy Rail Trail, NYO&W Liberty and Parksville Rail Trails, the South Cazenovia Rail Trail, the Tarrytown Lakes extension, and walked the White Plains Greenway. Re-rode the Hudson Valley Rail Trail / Walkway Over the Hudson / Dutchess County Trail system (end to end this time), re-rode the Orange Heritage Trailway and the Gorge Trail, and rode a bit on the Walkill Valley Rail Trail.

Trails I've ridden:

Trails I haven't (yet) ridden:

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Ride starting Sun Jun 9 18:54:14 2013

8.02 km 26303.10 feet 4.98 mi 2462.00 seconds 41.03 minutes 0.68 hours 7.28 mi/hr

I've ridden this once before, but after the South Cazenovia Rail Trail debacle, I needed to ride a real rail-trail (the Gorge Trail) to get it out of my system.

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Ride starting Sun Jun 9 17:58:18 2013

7.17 km 23521.59 feet 4.45 mi 2139.00 seconds 35.65 minutes 0.59 hours 7.50 mi/hr

I tried to ride the South Cazenovia Rail Trail on this day in early June. Unfortunately, the rail-trail has some extremely wet spots in it. It's more of a snowmobile trail, really. I can't see how any wheeled vehicle, or even pedestrians could make it the length of the rail-trail. And don't even ask me about the mosquitos. All those puddles make it mosquito city.

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Ride starting Sun Jun 9 10:38:30 2013

4.07 km 13336.97 feet 2.53 mi 1872.00 seconds 31.20 minutes 0.52 hours 4.86 mi/hr

Parksville's O&W Rail Trail is only about a mile and a quarter. It needed some clever work to get around badly eroded sections of railbed, some slumped into the creek below. So although it's short, I'm glad they put out the effort to create it at all.

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Ride starting Sun Jun 9 08:32:11 2013

13.91 km 45633.92 feet 8.64 mi 5590.00 seconds 93.17 minutes 1.55 hours 5.57 mi/hr

The Liberty O&W Rail Trail follows the route of the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad through town. At the south end in Ferndale, it abruptly ends where a huge trestle carried the railroad over a valley. On the north end it stops when the railroad went behind a bunch of people's houses, and beyond that, at the high school, and beyond that, at another big missing trestle.

Unfortunately, the O&W was abandoned at a time when people weren't thinking about rail-trails, so when they ripped it up, they ripped everything up. Every last bit of metal was sold to help with the bankruptcy debt.

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Ride starting Sat Jun 8 15:24:41 2013

6.32 km 20737.31 feet 3.93 mi 2346.00 seconds 39.10 minutes 0.65 hours 6.03 mi/hr

Tarrytown Lakes Extention is an extension to the North County Rail Trail, but it's actually the original main line for the Putnam line. It used to go through Rockefeller's estate, and he simply got tired of it. So he paid the railroad's expenses to relocate the line so it took a different routing. Now it's about a 2 mile long paved rail-trail that goes from Eastview almost to Old White Plains Road. It stops at a railroad bridge that has no decking. It would be a simple thing to add a deck; maybe there is a property restriction beyond that point? It's a nice trail and should be extended.

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Ride starting Sun Jul 14 06:15:59 2013

66.13 km 216968.94 feet 41.09 mi 20783.00 seconds 346.38 minutes 5.77 hours 7.12 mi/hr

Day Eight of the Cycling the Erie Canalway tour, Scotia to Albany and the finish line. The route today is nearly all on a rail-trail except where the trail has to break away at a nuclear site and in Watervliet. Took two side trips to look at our water quality sensors on the Mohawk River.

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