Mon, 03 May 2010

Immigration, the victimless crime

I am disappointed by conservative's reactions (Fred Thompson, and Anne Coulter, to name two) to the Arizona legislation. They point to a higher crime rate by illegal immigrants, to which I say "When immigration is outlawed, only outlaws will immigrate." If you make it risky to immigrate, only those with nothing to risk will immigrate. Perhaps this will surprise some conservatives, but there are Mexican professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, and programmers, who have better things to do than come to the US and standing around waiting to be hired.

Also, I want to see the victim of the crime of illegal immigration. Name the victim, or else I'll claim it's a victimless crime.

Or maybe they want to claim that Mexicans come here just to go on welfare? Sorry, but the facts go against that; instead they work on fake social security cards for which they will never be able to claim the benefits.

Or maybe they want to claim that Mexicans are here to take American's jobs? Well, the day that a spanish-only Mexican can take an english-speaking American's job, is the day that Mexican deserves the job. If an American can't or won't work harder than a Mexican, I have no pity for them. If they're a victim, it's of their own laziness.

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