Mon, 16 Jun 2008

Bottled Water

Various environmentalistsidiots are opining about the harmfulness of bottled water to the environment. Unfortunately, in a democracy, even idiots get to open their trap. Go read that article. It won't convince you of anything you didn't know already. Perhaps some people drink bottled water for the reasons they cavail against. There are other reasons for preferring the services that come with bottled water.

The real problem here is that environmentalists don't understand that NOBODY sets out to harm the environment. Nobody wakes up thinking "yeah, I'm gonna go destroy some environment today." People do destroy various bits of the environment every day. So do animals, and in a non-sustainable way, too. Deer will eat themselves out of food.

Instead, people want services, services which inevitably end up destroying a part of the environment. People value these services more than the cost of the destroyed environment. Just as environmentalists are free to whine about how awful everyone is (not including themselves of course, even though they also prefer services to a perfectly protected environment), so, too, are people free to buy these services.

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