Tue, 06 Jun 2006

Radio Silence

I haven't meant to keep "radio silence" on my Chordite keyboard experiments. I just haven't had much success lately. I tried using Shapelock, but didn't have much success. Mind you, Shapelock is great stuff. It's just not good for making something repeatably the same shape.

I'm headed down a different tack now. Turns out that both a CD and a CD jewel box are the correct thickness (1.2mm == approx 0.50") to hold a Marquardt keyswitch. So now I'm looking at cutting holes in a CD jewel box to hold the keys, and cutting slots in it to bend it into the correct shape. After a few experiments, I've gotten good at using a Dremel(tm) Rotozip(tm) cutter to cut holes. They hold the keyswitches quite securely. The prototype will have wires soldered to the keys, but in production, I'll use a flex pc board.

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