Wed, 01 Mar 2006

Chordite Keyboard

I've been working on building my own Chordite keyboard for a while now. I have electronics that work reasonably well, but I'm trying to figure out how best to make a fixed-size keyboard. The inventor of the keyboard, John McKown, thinks that an adjustable keyboard is required. I think that it's reasonable for people to have to buy a keyboard that fits them, rather than having to fit the keyboard to them, or worse, to have to fit themselves to a one-size-fits-all keyboard.

I've found some nice Marquardt switches. They're designed to be used as keys, unlike the microswitches that other builders have used. They have a short linear throw. I'm using them with corrugated cardboard and hot-melt glue to create various prototype keyboards. If I can make one that fits me well, I'll try to scale it up and down linearly for people with different hand sizes.

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