Tue, 26 Sep 2006

Mark X keyboard

I have a new version of the keyboard, which I built for EuroFoo and EuroOSCON. This keyboard is much sturdier than the predecessors. It's made from plywood, shapelock, a pair of metal hinges, and a battery box with a switch on it.

Fortunately this keyboard has a couple of mistakes in it. I'd like to make all my mistakes before I go to plastic molding. One mistake is that my fingers are too splayed outwards. It's just not comfortable. Another is that the keys aren't exactly beneath my fingers. And the worst is that the thumb position is parallel to the palm. It's quite clear to me that the thumb must be pointing at the fingers. The thumb must be open a good 3/4" to get the correct effect.

Next keyboard will have more of a hook over the palm. The current one needs pressure from the thumb to hold it in place. This gets tiring after a little while.

View from the bottom (Thumbnail) The hinges fold out for thumb and first knuckle (Thumbnail) View from the fingertips (Thumbnail) View from the bottom of the hand (Thumbnail)

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