Sun, 26 Mar 2006

Mark VII keyboard

The Mark VII keyboard is, as I promptly discovered, a failure. I'm quite confident now that a comfortable chordite keyboard will not have its keys mounted in the same plane. Not even if the plane is split in two as in this keyboard. The trouble is, as I said earlier, the hand is more complex than I thought. Not only do the finger joints hinge (mostly; there is a little sideways play; just make a Mr. Spock double finger V to see the motion I mean), but the metacarpals move as well. Touch all five fingers to the tip of the thumb. The's one extreme. Flattening out your hand is another. When your hand is relaxed, it's somewhere in the middle; non-planar.

thumb view, fingers down (Thumbnail) thumb view, fingers up (Thumbnail) above view (Thumbnail)

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