Fri, 28 Jan 2011

FGC '09

Got back from the Quaker Gathering in Blacksburg, Virginia yesterday. Yes, I ran the bicycling workshop. I didn't keep a close track of my rides, but I did at least 12-15 miles every day.

After four years of running the workshop, I had my first accident. Two riders were riding side by side on a rail-trail, and a local bicyclist (possibly speeding -- the posted limit is 15MPH) came down the other side and there was no room to swerve. Two of our guys went down. One had a cut and swollen hand, and the other got a cut and some road rash.

And, more sadly, a Quaker bicyclist got killed on campus. Bonnie Tinker was riding down a hill and a dump truck turned right just in front of her. She went down and under it. Split her helmet and her skull. I got to see the aftermath about two minutes later. Not pleasant. 'Nuff said.

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