Sat, 15 Oct 2016

Ride starting Sat Sep 24 08:07:01 2016

15.60 km 51178.43 feet 9.69 mi 4157.00 seconds 69.28 minutes 1.15 hours 8.39 mi/hr

Re-rode the Philip Rayhill Memorial Trail, since they extended it. They didn't extend it very far on the railbed, unfortunately. It doubles-back on itself using a service road. But at least the bridge is built on the abutments of the railroad bridge.

Kitty-corner from the northwestern end of the trail is an American Legion post. Stored on their property is the New York Merci Train. Part of a 49-car train full of thanks-goods from France, given in return by hundreds of rail cars full of goods donated privately by the American people to the people of Europe.

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