Tue, 25 Aug 2015

Ride starting Sat Aug 22 08:24:13 2015

6.71 km 22000.73 feet 4.17 mi 3532.00 seconds 58.87 minutes 0.98 hours 4.25 mi/hr

I had ridden part of the D&H trail going north out of Warwarsing, but got distracted by the railbed going up to Highview Tunnel. I rode the rest of it on Saturday, including (as I did before) gettting distracted by the railbed, getting lost in a sand quarry and having to make my way back to the towpath trail.

The trail is mostly a grass towpath trail, but a tiny portion of it uses the NYO&W railbed where the towpath has been lost (because the railroad was built over it!) So it counts as a rail-trail.

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