Sat, 14 Sep 2013

Ride starting Tue Jul 9 06:39:27 2013

114.40 km 375314.54 feet 71.08 mi 48148.00 seconds 802.47 minutes 13.37 hours 5.31 mi/hr

Day Three of the Cycling the Erie Canalway tour, Pittsford to Seneca Falls. Another metric century day. Explored a bit of the Auburn Branch which seems to be well-used as a rail-trail even though it's gated at the Northern End. I'm going to call it the Pittsford Rail Trail. It's only a kilometer long, but still worthy of a name.

Fairport now has a bridge over the Erie Canal connecting the Trailway to the Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern Trolley Trail. Very nice. Explored the Expanded Erie Canal in Macedon. It's still kept in water because they use it as a feeder canal. Also found the West Shore north of Macedon. It's way down in a cut -- I'm sure that the current road has no bridge because they filled-in the railroad cut.

Snuck into the railroad yard in Lyons to take a snap of an old railroad bridge. I tried to ask for permission, but nobody was to be found. I figured that if there's nobody to ask permission of, there's nobody to catch me, so I made free. Didn't spend long anyway -- the mosquitos drove me off.

Narrowly avoided sleeping in the swamp at Seneca Falls -- one look at the kind of grass growing in their athletic fields told me it was going to be wet when it rained, and rain it did. Slept closer to the school on better-drained soil.

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