Sun, 22 Jul 2012

Ride starting Sun Jul 8 06:05:34 2012

103.08 km 338189.50 feet 64.05 mi 46639.00 seconds 777.32 minutes 12.96 hours 4.94 mi/hr

Started off the CTEC in Buffalo. Rode out to the Riverwalk up to Tonawanda, when Lockport by lunch, took a canal boat ride through the locks (my first ever combine lock), went underneath the upside-down bridge, then rode up to Medina. Visited the railroad museum, which is mostly an extremely long (one football field's length) model railroad. Checked out some of the town's tracks.

Mostly, people were awake by 5:30AM and to bed by 10:00PM. Not big partiers, these.

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