Sun, 17 Jun 2012

Ride starting Sat Jun 16 11:57:52 2012

83.56 km 274153.40 feet 51.92 mi 18437.00 seconds 307.28 minutes 5.12 hours 10.14 mi/hr

Training for my Erie Canalway ride in three weeks. They recommend that you go for two 50 mile bike rides on consecutive days. This is one of them. Went down to Stark and then back on the Racquette River Road. I've ridden this way a couple of times before, but today I decided to try the East Hill Road. Definitely awesome! But you have to go east to west, because it has a crazy high hill, which is paved on the west approach and sandy dirt on the east approach. Therefore, climb up the dirt, and fly (40MPH!) down the pavement.

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