Sat, 23 Jul 2011

Ride starting Sat Jul 23 09:55:55 2011

37.57 km 123251.81 feet 23.34 mi 9059.00 seconds 150.98 minutes 2.52 hours 9.28 mi/hr

Went out on the Rutland Trail for the first time in a while. It's been a wet spring, and the trail has a lot of ATV-created mudpits. Got black splotches on me from the silty mud -- probably containing a lot of coal dust which is notoriously blackening. The Rutland Railroad used coal cinders for ballas because they had a lot of cinders and they were cheap. Unfortunately, they also not very well adhered, and so under the crushing action of wheels, they break up and make a very fine powder.

Really, what the Rutland Trail needs is to have a LOT more bicyclists so we can kick the ATVers off the trail, and lay down some nice rolled rock dust, or even pavement.

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