Sat, 30 Apr 2011

Ride starting Sat Apr 30 14:03:59 2011

52.11 km 170964.95 feet 32.38 mi 13264.00 seconds 221.07 minutes 3.68 hours 8.79 mi/hr

Went up to Brookdale to ride through the Lost Nation State Forest. I don't know what's so lost about it -- I had no trouble finding it. Then headed over to Norfolk to take a look at the New York & Ogdensburg railroad. They have a Jordan Spreader now! (A Jordan Spreader is the Utilimate of railroad MOW equipment). Oh dear, I suppose I have to explain what a Utilimate is now, don't I? It's a lathe that can convert into a sander, or a drill press, or a router, and probably another couple of things.

They also have a new piece of rolling stock. Not sure exactly what it is, but it looks like half the car is passenger seats, and the other half is bi-level seating?? But it can't be that.

The flooding along the Racquette is just astounding. I'll upload some pics to My Flickr account.

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