Mon, 25 Apr 2011

Ride starting Sun Apr 24 14:43:52 2011

41.76 km 137013.01 feet 25.95 mi 12918.00 seconds 215.30 minutes 3.59 hours 7.23 mi/hr

Rode a fair bit of the Rutland Trail yesterday. Skipped the muddiest portions, but still ran into a chain of 15 mudpits, plus another couple of 25' long mudpits. I wish the ATVers would live up to their claim that they are maintaining the trail. It's not like the ATVers go through the middle of the puddle either. You can see tracks around the edges, indicating that THEY don't like to go through the mudpits their tires create.

The northernmost leg is down two infrequently travelled dirt roads. The 45 degree leg on the right is on an abandoned farm road. Much funs to drive these abandoned roads. I should make a catalog of them some day.

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