Sat, 11 Sep 2010

Ride starting Sat Sep 11 12:12:13 2010

57.84 km 189765.29 feet 35.94 mi 15586.00 seconds 259.77 minutes 4.33 hours 8.30 mi/hr

Went for a 36 mile bike ride today. Rode south out of Parishville, through Picketville (which may have been a village at some point, but is just a named place now) out to the end of the maintained road. I wanted to make it to Perkins School, but turned around early because I was getting close to cramping and didn't want to risk being that far into the woods

Found this falling-down house on the maintained road. On the woods road, I didn't see any sign of the hand of man, other than a few hunting camps close to the maintained road, and the road itself, of course. No sign of any farms; no stone walls; no foundation pits, no big stand-alone maples, no clearings; NOTHING.

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