Thu, 30 Jul 2009

Ride starting Thu Jul 30 13:25:36 2009

34.39 km 112820.01 feet 21.37 mi 8073.00 seconds 134.55 minutes 2.24 hours 9.53 mi/hr

Back home again. Still haven't blogged about the FGC rides, nor about the ride I did in Amsterdam. Have yet to download the photos OR track from the latter. Lame, I know. But I've started to ride again at home, so here we go!

Rode up to Norfolk today. Finally managed to get to their history center at a time when it's open (Tu/Th afternoons). Saw some interesting artifacts. Definitely a folk museum. While in the back, I heard the New York & Ogdensburg doing a train movement. Scurried out the front, hopped on the bike, and raced the train to Norwood. Caught it with just a minute to spare.


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