Wed, 17 Jun 2009

Ride starting Wed Jun 17 18:06:00 2009

36.72 km 120457.38 feet 22.81 mi 7358.00 seconds 122.63 minutes 2.04 hours 11.16 mi/hr

Went for a tour of abandoned and/or disused roads in the Town of Stockholm. First I went up Cook Road, then down Blind Crossing Road, (which are just dirt roads), then down Munson Road (which is decidedly abandoned, used only by ATVs), then over to Green Meadows Rd. The north end of it is essentially Joe Vitaly's driveway since he's the only person who lives on that road. His house is a little three-story hippy cabin, with solar panels and a windmill. Looks like a very comfortable place, although it might be hard to get to his house in the winter. He's got a field, woods, and river frontage, so it's quite a cozy setup. There's a few more abandoned roads I could have ridden on; more if I don't mind getting my feet wet.

Found two interesting markers. One looked like the corners of a checkerboard, and the other like the head of an arrow less the shaft. Both of these are obviously pointing at survey markers; the first an iron rod and the second a nail in the pavement. I speculate that they're ground markers for a set of aerial photos.

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