Sun, 31 Aug 2008

Ride starting Sat Aug 30 15:36:00 2008

50.00 km 164041.63 feet 31.07 mi 12292.00 seconds 204.87 minutes 3.41 hours 9.10 mi/hr

Rode out to the west side of the Racquette River, then north to Raymondville. Stopped in to the Big M in Norwood to pick up some PowerAde(tm). Went out on the Norwood & St. Lawrence railbed (now someone's driveway; with permission) and took photos of the bridge (still there; still in excellent shape). Went around through Raymondville and south to Norfolk.

Went looking for OBPA #1. Didn't find it, unfortunately. I heard on that it had been sold for scrap. Doesn't surprise me; when I photographed it in 2004 it was in very sad shape. I did find that the NY&O rehabilitated the track that was formerly brushed over. They're now able to put about twenty cars onto that track. It's currently holding four.

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