Mon, 07 Jul 2008

Ride starting Mon Jun 30 09:20:37 2008

15.51 km 50897.05 feet 9.64 mi 5737.00 seconds 95.62 minutes 1.59 hours 6.05 mi/hr

I rode the short ride this week, mostly because I worry more about them, but also because I'm not the fastest rider. I'm sure that I could ride with the group doing the long ride more slowly, but I'd be worried even more about the short ride in my absence.

We went out to Scalp Level down Eisenhower Rd., which starts at 2220 feet, and ends at 2000 feet within about a third of a mile, which is a 12.5% grade, or 1 in 8. Then we headed down a pretty country lane to 160, up a few hundred feet into Elton, and back to campus.

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